Vehicle Tracking Triumphs against Thieves.

Vehicle Tracking from TritonTrak has relieved another customer and saved them thousands of pounds in the process!

An incident occurred on Sunday evening, when a customer’s Mercedes X-Class Pick-Up was stolen from outside their residence in Burton-on-Trent.

The X-Class Storm edition, known for its blend of luxury and utility, was valued at around £30k, and owned by a West Midlands based Construction and Roofing contractor. Given this was a company vehicle, the theft had left the owners reeling with the invasion of privacy and the potential financial loss.

As soon as the customer noticed the vehicle missing, they immediately alerted TritonTrak. No keys to the vehicle had been taken, so it is highly likely that the Mercedes’s keyless entry had encouraged the thieves to scan the owners’ keys from outside their home.

Using TritonTrak’s vehicle tracking system, the vehicle was able to be tracked using real-time location and following the digital trail of GPS locations. Soon enough, the vehicle was located in a canal-side car park at Huddlesford, near Lichfield, Staffordshire.

The successful retrieval not only brough relief to the owners, but also highlighted the importance of having robust security measures for your business’ vehicles and asset.