Battery Powered Tracking

Machinery assets are vulnerable to theft and misuse. Track yours with TritonTrak.

Proven battery powered tracking

TritonTrak’s industry-leading battery powered security and tracking protects your machinery and assets from theft and misuse.

Did you know plant and asset theft costs UK businesses over £80million every year? With our help, you can protect your company from falling victim and being affected.


Why take the risk?

Criminal gangs target machinery and assets where security is below standard.

TritonTrak’s innovative battery powered tracking allows you to monitor your assets at all times, making security easier and more efficient. As well as providing significant operational benefits and financial returns.

Fully transferable unit
Machine utilisation and engines hours
Eliminate wasted time
Remote immobilisation
Real time locations on any device
Prevent thefts

TritonTrak for battery powered tracking

Our revolutionary battery powered tracking allows you to stop asset theft dead in its tracks. With our real-time location features and telematics reporting system, you can ensure your machines are always healthy, working correctly, and you will be alerted instantly if anything unexpected happens.

Choose TritonTrak’s battery powered security to improve management of your plant. Our revolutionary battery powered tracking solutions allow you to track, immobilise and manage your fleet on your smartphone, tablet or PC, so you can identify and stop all unauthorised activity at the touch of a button.


How TritonTrak protects
and improves your business




Battery Disconnection.


Remote Immobilisation.


Service information & Engine Hours.

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