Bowser Tracking
Bowsers are vulnerable to theft. Secure yours with TritonTrak.

Proven protection for bowsers


Bowsers are seen as an easy target by thieves as they are often left unattended and unsecured overnight. We know how crucial bowsers can be to the smooth running of your business and use our expertise to protect your operations.

TritonTrak technology prevents disruption and inconvenience caused by the theft of your equipment.

Robust, compact, waterproof unit
Small, quick to install, easy-to-hide units
Long life battery
Multiple tracking technologies – GPS, GSM and RF

TritonTrak for bowser tracking

Diesel bowsers are transportable and can be easily lifted onto a flatbed vehicle. Trailer mounted versions can be towed away behind most vehicles. This makes them easy pickings for determined criminals.

To help combat this risk, TritonTrak’s battery powered microsystem provides you with a robust security option that makes locating your bowsers simple.

The main advantage is you can track your assets without the need for an onboard power supply. The system can be deployed quickly and easily to secure assets, including trailers, containers and bowsers and will track them for up to ten years.


How TritonTrak protects
and improves your business


SIA Approved Alarm Centre.

Towaway & Anti-Tamper.

Battery Disconnection.

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