Crane Tracking
& Security

Secure your cranes with TritonTrak.

Proven crane protection

You may think that the unwieldy nature of a crane makes it safe from thieves but they do get stolen. We know how crucial cranes are to the smooth running of your business and use our expertise to protect your operations. TritonTrak technology prevents disruption and inconvenience caused by the theft of your cranes.

Check the health of your machines
Cut fuel costs
Fully transferable unit
Remote immobilisation
Protect your machines
Machine utilisation and engines hours

TritonTrak for cranes

In the event of theft, your cranes are protected by TritonTrak plant security systems. We are able to provide real-time location of your assets and if mobile, we have the option to immobilise them instantly.

Thousands of businesses have TritonTrak Plant Tracking systems installed to protect their assets. When you choose TritonTrak, our friendly experts are on hand to answer your questions quickly and efficiently to ensure the smooth running of your business.


How TritonTrak protects
and improves your business

Real time machine locations on app and PC.

Clear and accurate reports for timesheets, proof of service, mileage and more.

Driving behaviour dashboards, alerts and risk reporting.

Alerts for speeding, idling and out of hours activity.

Driver identification options.

Service and maintenance alerts, scheduling and remote immobilisation.

UK-Based customer Support.

Automatic Congestion Zone, LEZ reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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