Vehicle Tracking
Vehicles are vulnerable to theft and misuse. Protect your fleet with TritonTrak.


Proven vehicle tracking


As well as the threat of theft, your fleet vehicles are open to abuse from drivers.
To make sure your vehicles are in the right place at the right time, you need to be able to keep track of each one. With TritonTrak’s innovative vehicle tracking, you’ll not only know where your vehicles are, but also how well they are working and if they are in need of any maintenance.

Companies using TritonTrak cut costs on fuel, keep on top of vehicle servicing and improve both productivity and customer satisfaction.


Innovation from the UK’s No.1


TritonTrak gives you real-time vehicle tracking information sent straight to your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Revolutionary features include remote immobilisation, SIA approved monitoring, driver ID and battery disconnection to protect your business from issues such as theft, driver safety and false claims.

Cut fuel costs
Eliminate wasted time
Remote immobilisation
Real time locations on any device
Fully transferable unit
Improve customer service

TritonTrak for vehicle tracking

Accessibility is key to good fleet management. That’s why TritonTrak allows you to track, immobilise and manage your fleet from the device of your choice. So you can identify and stop all unauthorised activity at the touch of a button, whenever the need arises.

Our vehicle tracking is so advanced you can monitor vehicles and extract comprehensive insight, including driver habits and engine performance, which allows you to improve productivity and reduce costs.

With real-time location features and monitoring, our vehicle tracking also keeps your drivers safe, as you can see the exact location of your drivers and your fleet 24/7.


Support you can rely on

As well as benefitting from our extensive range of features to improve the safety and efficiency of your vehicles, you’ll also receive the support of our full-service account management.


How TritonTrak protects
and improves your business

Real time vehicle locations on app and PC.

Clear and accurate reports for timesheets, proof of service, mileage and more.

Driving behaviour dashboards, alerts and risk reporting.

Alerts for speeding, idling and out of hours activity.

Driver identification options.

Service and maintenance alerts, scheduling and remote immobilisation.

UK-Based customer Support.

Automatic Congestion Zone, LEZ reporting.

22 Sep
TritonTrak triumph with another successful recovery mission.
This morning, the TritonTrak team received a call from a client reporting that their JCB 3-tonne swivel dumper had been stolen from a garden centre on the outskirts of Harlow, Essex. This customer is a well-known national hirer, who’s machinery is integral to the everyday operations of the business. Given that the machine was fitted […]
18 Aug
TritonTrak announce their partnership with TravelNet.
TritonTrak are proud to announce their partnership with TravelNet Systems. This partnership combines TravelNet’s innovative software in transportation and travel with TritonTrak’s expertise in vehicle tracking systems. A key benefit to customers is that those with buses and coaches around the UK will now be able to connect their TritonTrak system into bus / coach […]
17 Aug
TritonTrak enhances customer service through investing in apprenticeship programmes.
It is without a doubt that exceptional customer service is a determining factor of business success. TritonTrak pride themselves on providing a service that surpasses all others in the market. To demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement, TritonTrak have invested in apprenticeship programmes to upskill their team. Several members of the TritonTrak team have enrolled […]

How Triton Trak can protect and improve your business

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