Operator ID;

Secure Your Machines,

Strengthen Your Business

Protect your fleet.

Protect your fleet from unnecessary damage by tracking operator responsibility. TritonTrak’s Operator ID solution allows you to identify which operators are using which machines, ensuring the right people are in control.

Protect your machines
Real time locations on any device
Fully transferable unit
Machine utilisation and engine hours
Check the health of your machines
Remote immobilisation

Prevent damage.

Prevent unqualified workers from operating your machinery. With Operator ID, you can put an end to unauthorised usage and potential accidents. Keep your equipment safe and your operations compliant.


Hold those responsible for machinery damage accountable.

TritonTrak, the UK’s premier Security Tracking Company, helps you safeguard your valuable assets and maintain your business’s integrity.

Enquire now and fortify your business with TritonTrak’s Operator ID. Protect your machines and your reputation today.

Industry Alert! In the past year alone, £70 million worth of plant machinery has been stolen from construction sites across the UK. This theft represents a significant financial burden and loss of business impact for the UK construction industry. Don’t let your equipment be part of this statistic. Safeguard your machinery and your business with TritonTrak’s Operator ID solution.


How TritonTrak protects

and improves your business

Real time machine locations on app and PC.

Remote Immobilisation on app, PC and automatic schedule.

Machine reports: Daily hours, utilisation, billing and off-hire reports.

Security Alerts: Towaway detection, low battery, out-of-hours.

Geo-zone alerts and reporting.

Machine maintenance alerts, schedule and reports.

UK-Based Customer Support.

SIA Licenced 24-hour contact centre.

Getting started with your plant tracking system

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