Trailer Tracking

Battery powered tracking for trailers.

Secure Your Trailers with TritonTrak

Trailers are often considered easy targets for thieves due to their mobility and limited security measures. They can be detached from vehicles and taken away quickly, without leaving a trace.

TritonTrak is here to give you peace-of-mind over your trailer security. Our discreet battery-powered tracking systems can be easily hidden within the trailer, making them difficult to detect by potential thieves.

We understand that trailer thefts can often go unnoticed for extended periods. Therefore, our tracking systems are designed with batteries that have an extended lifespan, ensuring continuous operation and tracking over extended periods of time.

Robust, compact, waterproof unit
Small, quick to install, easy-to-hide units
Long life battery
Multiple tracking technologies – GPS, GSM and RF

TritonTrak for Trailer Tracking

TritonTrak’s tracking systems are equipped with anti-scan and tamper-proof features. We employ robust security measures to prevent any attempts at disabling or tampering with the tracking device. Our technology is designed to resist various tampering techniques, ensuring that your trailers remain under constant surveillance.

TritonTrak utilises multiple cutting-edge technologies to provide comprehensive coverage and accurate tracking information. We combine GPS (Global Positioning System) technology with cellular connectivity to ensure real-time location updates of your trailers. This multi-technology approach maximises the chances of locating your stolen trailer promptly.


How TritonTrak protects and improves your business




SIA Approved Alarm Centre.


Towaway Anti-Tamper.


Battery Disconnection.

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