Excavator Tracking
& Security
Excavators are vulnerable to theft. Secure yours with TritonTrak.

Proven excavator protection

We know how crucial excavator machinery is to the smooth running of your business and use our expertise to protect your operations. TritonTrak technology prevents disruption and inconvenience caused by the theft of your excavators.

Protect your machines
Real time locations on any device
Fully transferable unit
Remote immobilisation
Prevent thefts
Check the health of your machines

The importance of excavator security

The rate of thefts of plant from construction sites has never been higher. At TritonTrak, we reduce the number of insurance claims required by protecting your machinery with our intelligent excavator security.


Why take the risk?

Criminal gangs target sites and premises where security is below standard.

TritonTrak’s innovative plant security allows you to monitor your excavator fleet at all times, making security easier and more efficient. As well as providing significant operational benefits and financial returns.

Installing our excavator security solutions into your machines, allows you to identify and stop all unauthorised activity at the touch of a button via remote immobilisation.


How TritonTrak protects
and improves your business

Real time machine locations on app and PC.

Remote Immobilisation on app, PC and automatic schedule.

Machine reports: Daily hours, utilisation, billing and off-hire reports.

Security Alerts: Towaway detection, low battery, out-of-hours.

Geo-zone alerts and reporting.

Machine maintenance alerts, schedule and reports.

UK-Based Customer Support.

SIA Licenced 24-hour contact centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

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