Vehicle Tracking Tracks Stolen Van

Do you park your company vehicle on your driveway at night?

Coming home from a hard day’s graft and parking outside your house is common and unproblematic process for many of us. However, last weekend, one of our Leeds-based Civil Engineering customers had a Ford Transit Custom van stolen from outside of their employee’s home in Normanton, West Yorkshire. 

The employee had been enjoying a Saturday night out but when he got home, he found that the van had been taken.

The stolen vehicle was tracked using the TritonTrak vehicle tracking and security system which allowed the van’s real-time location to be visible. The van had been hidden behind local shops in Bentley, Doncaster and was recovered quickly and returned to the owner with limited damage.

Another successful recovery from the TritonTrak team and a company vehicle safely in the possession of our customer, saving them an approximate value of £20,000.

TritonTrak systems offer different, cost-effective solutions so that our customers can both manage their vehicle and labour costs and secure their fleet.

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