06 Jan 2022

Law Changes make Diesel Bowsers trailers of cash for criminals

Law Changes make Diesel Bowsers trailers of cash for criminals

At Budget 2020 the government announced that it was removing entitlement to use state subsidised, red diesel from most sectors (except for agriculture), from 1 April 2022.

Red diesel is fuel used mainly for off-road purposes, such as to power plant machinery (excavators, dumpers and cranes) used in the construction industry. It accounts for around 15% of all the diesel used in the UK. Red diesel-powered machinery can emit up to six times as much nitrogen oxide and almost 30 times as much particulate matter as a Euro 6 truck engine. In addition to the extra damage to the environment caused by red diesel, the Government believes that subsidising red diesel inhibits the national plans to support the development and take-up of cleaner technologies

Cash in a Bowser

This law change gives industry new challenges to consider in planning daily operations.  As well as the extra cost of white diesel, businesses will now need to think about the increased risk from fuel thieves.

Industries such as construction, store fuel on sites in transportable (liftable) bunded Diesel Bowsers to power plant machinery. Diesel Bowsers range from 500 litres to 50,000 litres, with trailer mounted bowsers storing up to 3000 litres (circa £5000 of diesel fuel at retail prices).

Diesel Bowsers are designed to be easily transportable and therefore can be hook lifted or with a forklift or telehandler onto a vehicle. Trailer mounted versions can be easily towed by a vehicle. A simple task for determined criminals.

To help industry combat this new risk, TritonTrak have developed a Micro battery powered tracker system to help businesses add robust security to protect their Diesel Bowsers.

The TritonTrak Micro system gives users the ability to track assets without the need for onboard power supply. The system can be deployed quickly and easily to secure assets such as trailers, containers and bowsers and will track them for up to ten years.

The system is shockproof & waterproofed and can survive harsh conditions and environments. The TritonTrak Micro system accurately reports the locations of assets to the TritonTrak Fleet management software and mobile app.

TritonTrak Micro utilises three location technologies to help with the quick recovery of assets should the worst happen.

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Dean Walker, TritonTrak’s Managing Director, commented. “This law change adds another risk of theft to industry.  The added cost of operations is a challenge but “cash” simply being driven away by criminals is a real risk that needs to be mitigated.” He continued. “TritonTrak provides technology solutions driven by our constant innovation. The TritonTrak Micro system will give businesses a cost effective way to protect themselves from this new threat to their operations.”

Key Features:

Alerts can be sent to the owner following an asset leaving a specific area

  • Long battery life up to ten years
  • Robust construction for harsh environments
  • Accurate location of assets several time per day
  • Small, compact device, easy to hide
  • Assets tracked on pc & app
  • 24-hour alarm response centre

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To find out more about how our TritonTrak Micro system can help you and protect your business, please contact us today. You can call us on 01937 203700 or send us an email at info@tritontrak.com.