05 Mar 2021

Cheetham Hill Construction install TritonTrak system

Cheetham Hill Construction install TritonTrak system

Cheetham Hill Construction installed the TritonTrak plant tracking system to provide vital utilisation information across their fleet of construction equipment.

CHC’s fleet consists of various manufacturers, most of which due their size come with OEM diagnostics systems fitted as standard.

Sean Isherwood, Cheetham Hill’s plant director told us “We have many OEM systems, which are great for fault fixing, but I needed one platform and phone app to see our whole fleet, rather than toggling between pieces of software which are all different to use.

“The TritonTrak system is very user friendly and we have tailored the software to group all of our machinery by site, so it is easy to see how each site is performing as the day unfolds.

We also have various functions within the business who require utilisation information. The system provides this automatically in clear, standard PDF reports.

As well as giving us the fleet and utilisation information that we need, TritonTrak also works brilliantly as a plant security system. We have had several plant theft attempts and we are delighted as we have a 100% recovery rate.”

If you would like to know more about how TritonTrak can help your business, please call 01937 203700 or e-mail us at info@tritontrak.com