Why TritonTrak Plant tracking system is essential to protect business

A Hull based contractor was delighted this week at the recovery of Hamm HD12 Roller using the TritonTrak Plant Tracking System.

The machine was stolen in Hull and recovered in Leeds where it was located behind a commercial garage in in the south of the city. Using the TritonTrak plant tracking app, the customer was able to pin-point the GPS Location and drive straight to it whilst calling the police on route.

Following the return of the machine TritonTrak’s customer said: “This was a great recovery for several reasons. Hikes in our insurance premium and excess would have seen us have to write this machine off. Margins are already tight on projects and having to replace stolen machines with new equipment makes things especially tough.”

Alex Ryan, Triton Trak’s Managing Director, is encouraging all businesses with plant machinery to protect themselves. “We are living in extraordinary times where businesses are coming under pressure from inflation, currency fluctuation and labour costs – all of which are squeezing margins. Having a machine stolen not only puts pressure on cash outlay but also productivity and deadlines. TritonTrak’s plant tracking system is essential for anyone wanting to protect against unwanted business pressure.”

If you would like to find out how TritonTrak tracking system protects construction equipment and non-powered assets such as trailers call us on 01937 203700.