Valuable Plant Machinery Recovered Using TritonTrak

TritonTrak Plant Security Tracking helps recover multiple stolen machines which leads to arrests.

On 31st August a sports ground contractor had a £40k Caterpillar telehandler, a £20k Kubota Mini excavator and a £4k plant trailer stolen from a school sports ground in South Essex where they were working.

The theft took place at 3.30am. Two masked men were recorded on the school’s CCTV breaking through the school gate using a forklift truck. As soon as the gate was breached, four more masked men arrived in a van and entered the school grounds.

The Kubota mini excavator and trailer were then seen to be hitched-up to the van and towed away and the telehandler was driven away from site.

Thankfully for the sports ground contractor, the stolen machinery was protected by TritonTrak’s plant security tracking system.  This enabled them to work in conjunction with the TritonTrak’s team, to locate the stolen equipment at two separate sites. Essex Police were immediately informed and quickly sent officers to investigate. The site was within 10 miles of the scene of the thefts and are known to the Police.

When recovering the equipment at one of the sites, the Police also found numerous other items of high-value stolen equipment and machinery which Triton Trak’s plant security tracking had inadvertently helped locate. As they were investigating the haul, a number of people, returned to one of the sites unaware that the police were present. These people were searched and arrested suspected of involvement in the thefts.

Steve Broughton, Triton Trak’s National Business Development Manager commented. “We are really pleased our plant security tracking system has again proven to be a sound investment for our client.  Having plant security tracking enabled us not only to help recover the £64,000 worth of equipment but may also have helped find the thieves subject to further investigation.  I do not think there is any greater example of how important fitting plant security tracking to all vehicles is for a business.”

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