TritonTrak VehicleProtect Success!

TritonTrak are pleased to announce yet another successful vehicle recovery!

On the evening of 11th May, a customer’s Ford Transit van was stolen from an Ikea car park in Wednesbury, West Midlands.

Our real-time tracking alerts notified the customer after the driver took the vehicle (probably after visiting the store to buy tea lights!) with no authorisation.

Given the vehicle was installed with TritonTrak VehicleProtect system, the customer was able to receive live detailed information straight to their mobile phone. This particular system has additional technology integrated and enhanced security features which assisted in the recovery of the van.

The vehicle was recovered several miles away from the Ikea car park with dashboard damage.

TritonTrak Director, Dean, commented; “It is great to see another vehicle recovered, thanks to TritonTrak’s security tracking systems. Our VehicleProtect Systems is one of our most advanced technologies and is the ultimate protection for your fleet vehicles”

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