Tritontrak present security tracking products to Yorkshire FarmWatch Group

Due to a recent spike in thefts in rural areas across Leeds and Wetherby, Tritontrak were invited to present their agricultural and plant tracking security devices at the monthly FarmWatch community meeting at Wetherby Police Station.

The FarmWatch schemes set up by the home office and local Police forces encourage everyone in the farming community to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the Police. It also encourages Farmers to pool knowledge, strengthen community spirit and improve two-way communication between farmers and the police.

To an audience of 50 plus attendees, Tritontrak presented their agricultural and plant security tracking technology that is designed to protect powered and non-powered plant machinery and assets.

There was a Q and A session afterwards where examples of thefts that have taken place were shared. These thefts could have been prevented by using the plant tracking technology available with the Tritontrak product range.

Alex Ryan, Director at Tritontrak commented. “It was a pleasure to be invited to this evening’s meeting and especially to hear about the challenges faced by farmers and contractors who are based in rural areas. These initiatives are excellent at fostering spirit between the police and the communities in their area with busy WhatsApp groups helping share information quickly. Our plant security products have been very well received. We spoke to a number of members after the Q and A and have already booked-in a number of plant tracking installations. The ease of access to most farms makes total security nearly impossible, so having systems that can alert you instantly when someone is tampering with equipment is paramount.”

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