TritonTrak announce their partnership with TravelNet.

TritonTrak are proud to announce their partnership with TravelNet Systems. This partnership combines TravelNet’s innovative software in transportation and travel with TritonTrak’s expertise in vehicle tracking systems.

A key benefit to customers is that those with buses and coaches around the UK will now be able to connect their TritonTrak system into bus / coach management networks, such as Go Ahead London.

This also poses a significant opportunity for TritonTrak, as Go Ahead London currently provide almost 25% of buses on the London transport network.

To further improve the management of the travel industry, TritonTrak’s systems are able to provide accurate real-time tracking and data for buses and coaches. This data can be fed into other transportation networks and transport management systems, to improve travel services across the UK.

For more information on how TritonTrak’s new partnership can benefit you and your transportation business, get in touch today via the Chat or phone.

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