All in a weekend’s work: TritonTrak assist recovery of stolen vans and trailer in Sunderland.

TritonTrak have partnered with a road surfacing customer to ensure protection of valuable assets on the customer’s yard and workshop in Sunderland.

TritonTrak’s plant and vehicle tracking system allows businesses to keep track of their assets through real-time locations which are accessible through desktop and mobile devices. When an unauthorised alert is detected outside of working hours, TritonTrak’s SIA approved alarm monitoring centre is automatically contacted.

This occurred on the night of Saturday 15th April, when the customer’s yard and workshop was broken into. The perpetrators entered the site at around 9pm, stealing 2 pickups and a van with a trailer, in addition to other equipment such as hand and power tools.

With help from TritonTrak’s plant and vehicle tracking systems, the vehicles and trailer were located at 3 different sites across the Northeast. Thanks to the real-time location of the tracking system, the assets were returned to the customer, undamaged on Sunday morning. The total value of the recovery was approx. £85,000 and the speedy turnaround meant that the customer could resume business as usual on Monday morning.

The customer commented; ‘We are really pleased with how quickly we were able to locate and retrieve our vehicles assisted by TritonTrak’s tracking systems. The main thing for us is that the vehicles came back undamaged and can go out as scheduled for Monday morning’s jobs. Thanks to the service from TritonTrak, we have been able to continue our business operations as normal’.