25 Oct 2020

TritonTrak Plant Tracking system helps recover JCB 1CX


Last week saw the failure of an attempted theft of a JCB 1CX Backhoe Loader. The plant vehicle was recovered safely from a location in Leeds.

As the attempted theft happened, the plant vehicle’s Triton Trak Plant Security system activated, sending a message direct to the vehicle’s owner. This real time information enabled the owner to track the stolen vehicle to a nearby lock-up in the Seacroft area of Leeds. West Yorkshire police were immediately informed of the criminals hiding place and attended the location to assist in the recovery of the machine.

The vehicle suffered some damage as a result of the thieves looking for any installed plant tracking security devices.  Importantly, they were unable to locate the tracking device.

The damage was repaired immediately on the day of recovery, enabling the Triton Trak customer to carry on working with little disruption.  As a surfacing contractor, the quick recovery of the vehicle was imperative to enable projects to be completed on time and the smooth running of day-to-day business. It also meant the business did not have serious down time or costs due to insurance claims and hiring of a replacement vehicle whilst the claim was progressed.

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