10 Nov 2021

TritonTrak asset tracking protects key UK infrastructure company

TritonTrak asset tracking protects key UK infrastructure company

TritonTrak has been awarded a contract to protect the assets of a key UK infrastructure company that we are unable to name due to security reasons. Responsible for electricity distribution, the business serves over 8 million customers in the UK. Protecting their assets is literally key to keeping the country moving.

TritonTrak have been chosen as their partner to provide their market leading plant tracking technology for their generator sets. The TritonTrak asset tracking system will provide security for the generators when they are deployed to sites. The asset tracking system will provide unauthorised movement alerts and tamper alerts immediately as an incident occurs, allowing them to make sure that both their generator sets are secure but also that they can provide a robust service to their customers.

The TritonTrak asset tracking technology will also provide utilisation and service information so that stock can be allocated efficiently throughout their depots and enable their fleet to be service and maintained after specific usage intervals.

Dean Walker, director at TritonTrak commented. “We are delighted our asset tracking systems are being used in partnership with such an integral player in smooth running of the UK. Every business we partner with uses our asset tracking security systems because it is important that, should the worst happen, the disruption and cost to their business is minimised. With this new partnership it is literally helping keep the lights on.”