18 Aug 2021

Triton Trak plant security system helps Police in Rochdale

Triton Trak plant security system helps Police in Rochdale

A large regional hire company recovered a one-tonne high-tip dumper last week, following its theft from a construction site in Rochdale, Lancashire.

The plant vehicle was rented to a utilities contractor based in the North West. It had been left, with some other equipment, at a location close to the contractor’s worksite. The plant vehicle’s theft was discovered the next morning by the contractor’s team. The team leader immediately contacted their head office in Stockport to report the theft.  Following their company procedure, their location was provided to input into their Triton Trak plant security system.  This enabled the company to locate the exact location of the plant vehicle and it was recovered by Greater Manchester police two miles away on a housing estate, hidden in the back of a Mercedes Sprinter van.

The Triton Trak system also recorded in detail, all of the movements of the plant vehicle, from the time it was  stolen to when it was recovered. The plant vehicle had been moved around various locations in the Rochdale area.  All of which is intelligence that is helping police with their ongoing investigation.

Triton Trak Director, Dean Walker commented. “As always we are delighted the Triton Trak plant security system has helped recover a plant vehicle for our customer.  We are also pleased our tracking technology and the timeline geographic picture it paints, is helping the police hopefully close in on the criminals and their network.”

TritonTrak is a specialist provider of security tracking and telematics systems for vehicle management and plant machinery.