19 Jul 2021

New specialist UK Police unit to fight organised crime gangs theft of plant and agricultural equipment

New specialist UK Police unit to fight organised crime gangs theft of plant and agricultural equipment

Plant and agricultural equipment theft from construction sites and farms has a significant impact on these businesses, not only from a loss and replacement perspective but also the working hours lost to the downtime.

Now the UK have a specialist Police Unit, (ACE) that has been created specifically to fight the rising thefts in plant and agricultural equipment.

This dedicated unit, the Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) specialist police unit will operate within Opal, the UK intelligence unit fighting serious organised acquisitive crime across the country.

The unit will focus on the crimes committed by organised groups which are not limited to an isolated theft or international borders.

The operational focus will be on working relationships with law enforcement, partner and business agencies. The specialist unit has two specific aims.  One to reduce the theft of construction plant and agricultural equipment and two, to increase the recovery of any stolen equipment, both nationally and internationally.

Dean Walker, Triton Trak’s Managing Director welcomes this important initiative. “This specialist unit reflects the increase in the theft of plant and agricultural equipment by opportunist and internationally organised criminals.  The fact the new unit is focussed on creating and leveraging working relationships with business and law enforcement agencies can only be a positive in this fight. Triton Trak will give help to this new unit, whenever it is requested.

Our entire operation is focussed on helping businesses deter and stop plant and agricultural equipment theft.  The experience and innovation that sits behind our plant tracking products are another big part of this fight against these determined criminals.”

Triton Trak provides vehicle tracking, plant tracking and agricultural tracking devices to thousands of businesses throughout the UK.